Antique Chromo Card

Antique French chromocards

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We have recently started selling antique paper goods.
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I've always loved visiting imported vintage furniture stores and second-hand clothing stores, and every time I came across a great store I'd vaguely think to myself, "I'd love to open a shop like that."

However, I thought that if I were to get into vintage items, the fields of "paper" and "printing" that I had been working in until then would be a good fit, and as I researched various things, I came across an antique card that was over 100 years old.

Among them, French Chromos cards (chromo cards) and American Victorian trade cards have many cute designs. These were used for corporate advertisements at the time. They are mainly printed using the chromolithography (lithography) technique.

We also recommend using them for interior decoration, store displays, paper crafts, scrapbooking, and as photography props.

We will be introducing carefully selected items that match the atmosphere of tales on the desk's original products, so we hope you will enjoy them together with the original products.

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