About the illustration material

Illustration material collection 9-piece set

Illustration material collection 9-piece set

We have started selling illustration materials*

While selling our original letter sets and stamps, we received requests from customers saying, "It would be great if we could use the designs for this purpose," so we thought, "Why not try selling them as illustration materials?"

It is a line drawing in black, and the folder contains JPG, PNG, and AI (Illustrator data). If you have an Illustrator environment, you can easily change the color and size because it is a path. JPG and PNG are also two-tone data with no blurring, so I think it will be easy to color in Photoshop or paint software.

Commercial use is also OK. However, commercialization is not permitted. For details, please check the notes on the product page.

Business cards, shop cards, wedding invitations, New Year's cards, menus, wrapping, etc. Please enjoy using them in combination with your favorite font.

One thing to note about Illustrator is that it can become heavy if you line up 5 or 10 images. If you want to make it into a pattern like the letter set from Tales on the Desk, I recommend exporting it as a JPG.

If you have any questions about how to use it, please feel free to contact us.

You can also download the digital products of tales on the desk from our minne store . The data is exactly the same as our store, so please feel free to use it according to your convenience.

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